The Center for Healing Play


Play is the language of children. It is  a natural and necessary part of healthy human development.  Play allows children a means of expressing their experiences and thoughts in a safe way. Through play, children can rehearse old and new life skills, resolve traumatic experiences, and build relationships. Play, and play therapies can be useful to people of all ages with a variety of concerns.  In play therapy, children have the support and understanding of a counselor and their parents to help them identify and master their unique challenges.


Contact Info
Phone: (480) 894- 2281
Location: 4455 E Broadway Rd.
Suite 107
Mesa, AZ 85206

Warning signs

-changes in behavior

-new or excessive fears, sadness, or worry

- sleep, eating, or elimination difficulties

-sexual knowledge or behavior beyond their years

-school problems

-social difficulties

-family changes

-frequent physical complaints such as headaches or stomach aches

-aggression or inappropriate expression of  anger

-low self esteem


Helping families who have experienced trauma, difficult relationships, or behavior problems.